Welcome To My A1Science Room


A very small Autobiography, Introducing my self as an optimist enthusiast, and hobbyist. I consider my self an amateur scientist, that being self generated. My adoration is fired from within inspired by my family, friends, and close supporters, which throw in the logs to fuel my endeavors. I have a lot of adoration for people who have a love for human life.

I started reading Britannica encyclopedia when I was just seven years old, and continued reading throughout my life... around the years of 1986 owned my first computer and taught my self very sophisticated computer languages which incorporated a lot of complicated algorithms, at a very young age. furthermore, I joined IRC, a social network for programmers in the fall of 1995, I was just a teenager, and participated and volunteered as an admin of windows 95 help group, in my later years also participated in programming groups such as Unix and Linux platforms.

In my time, I enjoy reading the entire encyclopedia of Science which includes the latest discoveries in the World Astrology, Astronomy, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Paleontology, Anthropology, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geology, Seismology, Ocean Science.

I am currently a researcher in many Scientific Fields, particularly looking into pathophysiology, pathology, in addition to biophysics which play an important role into the scrutiny or skepticism. I consider my self a philanthropist and have a love for life and respect for human life with good aspirations for the future of longevity, and World Peace.